Getting Free Traffic is difficult but these platforms can make sales fast!

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Since the start of lockdown in 2020, the e-commerce industry has grown massively because people haven’t been able to go shopping so they turned to buying things online.

There are many different e-commerce business models that you might have heard of like print on demand, dropshipping and Amazon FBA but getting traffic your store that converts into sales has become really difficult.

Growing on social media gets harder and harder every day but there are some platforms that if you have the right strategy, you can start making sales within a couple of weeks.

In this article, I am going to show you the 3 best social media platforms that you can promote your store on that will convert into sales. I have personally used all of these in the past to get sales and I think anyone who knows what they are doing will be able to make sales relatively fast. …

eBay can be really a really powerful way to make some extra cash!

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I started my business over years ago, and I have tried so many things since then. The first business that really took off for me was eBay reselling, and there are many reasons for that.

eBay has some great promotion tools that work in the background, so making sales is quite easy. When I first started I thought that selling on eBay just wouldn't work but I was proven wrong, I made my first sale after just 5 days and after that sales just kept coming in.

In this article, I am going to explain and teach you how to get started with an eBay reselling business so that you can increase the amount of money you make every month! …

You can turn Instagram into a great side hustle with some of these tips!

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Instagram is the second-largest social media platform on the internet with over 1 billion active monthly users. This is a lot of people using Instagram and this can make it a great place for entrepreneurs to come to, grow an audience and generate cold hard cash.

As well as loads of users scrolling through the platform each month, there are also many people trying to make money with the platform by growing an audience so there is quite a lot of competition.

Growing an audience on Instagram is by no means easy and to really increase your growth you need to have the right tactics. The aim to create content that the algorithm favours so that you can be pushed onto the explore page and rank in hashtags. …


App development is a massive market but what language should you learn?

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Ever since the Apple App Store first launched in July 2008, there have been many people that want to create their own apps and for a good reason. There have been many apps like Candy Crush that have made millions if not billions of dollars and turned there lives into a living dream.

There are also many advantages to making apps over computer games or computer software. People can take their phones with them and can use your app while they are out and about, this means that you can earn money while they aren’t even at home.

Creating apps is by no means easy especially if you have no experience programming in any languages but it is free (excluding the cost to upload to the app store). Having programmed in another language will make your experience easier especially if it is something like Python because you can learn all the basic concepts that are required. …

I learned these things that hard way.

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I got started in my online business adventure nearly 3 years ago on the sandy beaches of Mallorca and it has been a rollercoaster of challenges ever since. I have loved starting an online business and while things were difficult, it changed my life for the better.

The first year was most certainly the toughest as there were so many different things that I completely underestimated and a lot of people will probably end up in the same situation.

In this article, I want to share with you X things that I wish I knew before starting an online and I think that some of these things could really help you if you are just getting started. …

The answer might surprise you!

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Many people are waiting to start their own blog so that they can increase the amount of money they make each month and create an extra income source.

There are so many different platforms that you can choose from like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, HTML, and much more. In this article, I am going to tell you what I think is the best blogging platform in 2021 and then I will explain why I think this!

DISCLAIMER: Everything in this article is my own opinion and other people may suggest using a different platform, I have chosen this from personnel experience.

Best Blogging Platform

I have used so many different platforms for blogging in the past but I have always come back to the same one. …

If you are a student, this is perfect!

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Around 3 years ago I was getting started in my first online business but my main problem was that I didn’t have any money. I was a broke student and I was really struggling to find ways to make money online to get started and I did a lot of research on Google.

A lot of the things on there I just couldn't do because of my age and as a result, I started the one thing that I could do, online surveys. …

Ideas to make more money than you did before the pandemic!

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2020 was with no doubt a rollercoaster of a year and a lot of people went through some horrible things like losing their jobs and losing loved ones. A lot of people want to strive to make 2021 a much better year but for some, this will be a struggle.

During the peak of the pandemic, over 81% of the global workforce had their workplace closed in some way, and over 200 million people completely losing their jobs.

As a result, a lot of people are struggling to find work because most of it is online at the moment and the majority of the jobs are taken. …

Is the cost worth it or are you better just to write on Medium?

Creating a blog is a great way to make an extra income stream because of all the different ways that you can make money from it. However, creating a blog on Medium is completely free to do and creating a blog will cost you. In this article, we will look into the true cost of creating a blog with WordPress and if it is worth the cost!

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Disclosure: This article contains two affiliate links. This means that if you click on a link and pay for the service, I will make a small commission. …

It can be really difficult to get extra time when working full-time.

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There are so many people that are working a 9–5 job that would want to start their own business but there are 2 main things holding them back, money and time.

Money can be solved because most of the time you can start a business for free and use that money to make your dream business. The main problem that you have is finding the time to start a business. You are working so hard every day for a long time and then you have to make meals and care for your family.

In this article, I am going to show you a few ways to utilize your time better so that you can start your business and change your life for the better! …


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